Cautam Digital Marketing Specialist | Bucuresti

Cautam Digital Marketing Specialist | Bucuresti!


  • At least 1 year of experience in digital marketing;

  • English – advanced;

  • Willing to travel occasionally.


  • Focus on digital marketing and work with marketing department to execute the marketing plans & tactics agreed with sales;

  • Responsible for the website (translations, lists, references,), blog, social networks, portals, advertising, e-mail marketing, work with influencers;

  • Responsible for website content development and maintenance using a CMS and other tools;

  • Analyzing and reporting.


Website content includes text, photos, events, video, graphics, etc.

  • Translations of texts and documents (for website) with agencies;

  • Tracking site content;

  • Publishing news (content collection);

  • References: obtaining features, getting text from the agency;

  • Update the installer list;

  • Update the list of stores (the ability to add objects, working hours, web site);

  • Collect the consent of all stores and installers (EU regulation);

  • SEO analysis (Provide topics and suggestions for content writers to optimize high value target keywords; Identify internal and external linking opportunities across all domains);


  • Participating in work with the agency (texting, blogging);

  • Suggesting and checking topics and content (What is Focus? What is available in stores?);

  • Getting photos and technical information;

  • Monitoring, analysis of results;

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and pages for Romanian market):

  • Participation in work with the agency, checking and proposing content;

  • Monitoring of results, user reactions, interests and creation of ad groups and placing content based on that.

Advertising on the portals:

  • Work with other specialists from the marketing department to develop and optimize online advertising campaigns;

  • Finding relevant portals and influencers, collecting content for advertising;

E-mail marketing:

  • Planning, implementation and measurement of email marketing and text marketing communications targeting groups in databases;

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