Employee Retention: Why do you stay | Diagnosis of the company’s attractivity

Employee Retention: Why do you stay | Diagnosis of the company’s attractivity.

One axiom of any business is: “What retains top talent ... Attract top Talent”.

Retention: The exit of baby boomers, the serious shortage of top talent generally and the new generation of employees entering the work force makes retention a business (and financial) imperative.

Frequently work on retention looks at dissatisfiers through, for example, the exit interview. To uncover why top talent stays is however, far more meaningful. It is an approach that emphasizes what’s working rather than focus on the problem. A positive orientation avoids the games playing and bias that can accompany group problem solving. The assessment looks at why people choose to stay with their current employer. Although the assessment will draw out unique insight, the real value is derived from the conversation the assessment generate: dialogue around what should be.

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees. The compensation package and the prospect of growth and promotion in the company will keep talented people in the company. What is a much stronger link is the extent the top members of the organization relate to the vibrant story of the organization.

What do we offer:

One of our special solutions - “Why do you stay?” - Diagnosis of the company’s attractivity.

Impact: Deepening the clarity regarding how the real resources of the company are perceived and what are the issues that should be rapidly addressed.

Purpose: Clarity in choosing the follow up steps to increase retention.

Consultants: Internationally validated consultants, with deep expertise in management positions and executive search activity.

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