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What is the Key to Adaptable Companies? - Continuous People Development THE ORGANISATION’S CULTURE & LEADERSHIP ITINERARY

Leaders who are trying to reshape their organization’s culture frequently are asking:

• How can we break down silos and become more collaborative or innovative?
 Others, struggling to execute strategy, are wondering:

• How do we reconnect with our customers or adapt more proactively to the new regulatory environment?

Leaders overseeing a major transformation want to know how to spark the behaviours that will deliver results during the transformation—and sustain them well beyond.

Those involved with a post-merger integration grapple with how to align the two cultures with the new operating model—and reap the sought-after synergies.

And those simply seeking operating improvements often ask:

How can we become more agile?

How can we accelerate decision making?

There is a way to embed an obsession for continuous improvement throughout the organization?

Although most leaders recognize how critical a high-performance culture is to their organization’s success just as many are discouraged by the yawning gap between their current and their target culture. 
Others are frustrated because they don’t know why their culture is broken (or just suboptimal)—or what steps they might take to get and keep a high- performance culture. 

So, why you should go further?


Culture and typologies of leadership in an organization go hand in hand so the utility to investigate the typology of leaders active in the company is a part of the shaping of the present culture in the desired direction.


The itinerary we propose is to identify and strengthen organizational culture of the company
The itinerary is addressed initially to the Board Members, directors and managers of the company.
The itinerary adopts a two prongs approach and in between the parts a number of interactive insertions are integrated.


These tools we propose below, have accumulated solid decades of consulting experience and have been designed to identify the existing strengths of the organizational culture as well as the development needs; The tools can identify how the organizational culture is perceived by those with roles directors, management or Board of Directors; How is the leadership in the organization and how it reflects the type of culture; What is the stages of teams development.

First Tool: „What kind of culture is it?"

Impact: validating the present state of the company culture and consider the actions that could be implemented thereby improving organizational culture

Purpose: Evaluation and then alignment of individual perceptions;

Second Tool: "How is the perception of the organizational culture?"

Purpose: selection, approval, alignment, prioritization and integration of the values that are perceived as being the most important and relevant to the future of the company;

Impact: clarity, simplification; intuitive access through pictures hemisphere;

Third Tool: "Where we are and where we want to go?"

Purpose: Taking the team to the next level

Impact: Clarification regarding which elements of today’s culture are critical to tomorrow’s success ( Roots) and the five to seven key changes demanded if we are to start to create tomorrow’s culture today (Wings);

Fourth Tool: Leadership skills

Purpose: Deepening leadership in organizational culture;

Impact: the cognitive and emotional;

Fifth Tool: "Leadership DNA"

Purpose: Generate awareness regarding the way the organizational culture shapes the leaders entering the company.

Impact: Understanding deeply why leadership balance is a business imperative;

Sixth Tool: "What kind of Team is this?"

Purpose: To generate a framework for understanding and acceptance of the current situation and explore ways of changing; 

Impact: Allows each participant to reflect on the quality of the team he/she leads or are part of; validating existing resources; Suggestions for concrete and immediate action; Supports succession planning initiatives; Excellent for self-reflection of the team leader

Seventh Tool: Talent management skills

Purpose: Identify the present position of your company regarding this complex topic and the resources available

Impact: validate the existing resources; Clarity for concrete and immediate action; Explore possible ways of changing in the exposed areas;

Eight Tool: “Why do you stay?”

Purpose: Deepening the clarity of what are the real resources of the company and what are the issues that should be rapidly addressed. 

Impact: the consolidated results of interviews will provide clear the study the cognitive and emotional;


Andreas Fuhrmann

General Manager 22 years in various companies (Henkel Romania, Cospha Romania, cut-e Romania, Cognis Romania).

More than 9 years of experience in the coordination and implementation of Assessment Centres / Development with an average of 250-350 candidates evaluated / year for multinational companies, from middle management to general management positions.

Relevant experience in business enables the design and implementation of development centres and a complete selection of methodologies in German, English and Romanian.

Areas of expertise: Organizational culture Consulting
On boarding Mentoring Leadership

Executive Coaching & Group Coaching Assessment, career planning Customized Trainings

Dr. Johannes Burghold

Dr. Johannes Burghold (PhD in Marketing) was involved in positions of executive search since 2007.

Previously he held senior management positions in Germany, Bulgaria, UK and Hungary under different international companies in the UK and Germany. He worked for FMCG companies, including financial services.

He was a member of the supervisory board of German construction companies.
Together, Johannes has over 9 years of experience in Executive Search for senior management positions in Eastern Europe.
Johannes is from Germany and studied Economics/ Business Administration and received his PhD in Marketing at the University of Augsburg.

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