Property Manager

Learning & Development Quest cauta pentru unul din partenerii sai Property Manager!


- Property management services in relation to the real properties owned by the Employer or its affiliates, in the scope determined by the Employer;

- Third parties ‘legal documentation agenda related to administration and maintenance of properties of the Employer and the group in Romania - administration of suppliers ‘agenda, negotiations, communication and checking of third parties’ activities based upon concluded contracts, participation in preparation of the conditions of legal documents etc;

- Documentation related to suppliers ‘invoices – checking of all invoices and expenses related to operation of the properties;

- Tenants ‘Documentation – update of the list of tenants, administration of the files with lease contracts and related documents, enforcement of the conditions in lease contracts, participation in preparation of invoicing data for tenants, claims administration, regular communication with tenants;

- Managing good functioning and good relationship of the facility company, technical operation and maintenance documentation/agenda – planning and coordination of technical operation and maintenance of the properties of the Employer, ensuring safety and coordination of all repairs and reconstructions;

- Insurance documentation/agenda administration – initial contact with insurance companies, consequent communication and dealing with insurance incidents, participation in preparation and control of operation budget of the Employer´s properties;

- Close and effective communication and coordination with financial and management teams of the Employer, execution of other tasks related to asset & property management assigned by the Employer;

- Other tasks assigned by the management of the company.

Health and safety work

- Observes health, safety and fire prevention;

- Uses correctly the machinery, apparatus, tools, dangerous substances, transport equipment and other means of production;

- Uses properly the personal protective equipment provided and, after usage, returns it or puts it in place intended for storage;

- Does not proceed with taking out of use, modifying, changing or removing arbitrarily safety devices, particularly machines, equipment, tools, plant and buildings, and uses these devices correctly;

- Informs immediately the employer and / or workers assigned any work situation they have reasonable grounds for considering a danger to health and safety and any deficiency protection systems;

- Informs his supervisor and / or employer injury suffered by himself;

- Cooperates with the employer and / or workers assigned, as long as is necessary to enable any measures or requirements ordered by labor inspectors and health inspectors, health and safety protection;

- Cooperates as long as necessary, with the employer and / or workers assigned to enable the employer to ensure that the working environment and working conditions are safe and without risks to health and safety in its field;

- Takes ownership and complies with safety laws and health and their implementing measures, takes ownership and complies with legislation regarding PSI / emergency situations;

- Provides information required by labour inspectors and health inspectors.


- At least 3 years of experience in PM, preferably on industrial segment;

- Experienced in managing budgets;

- Bachelor degree, preferably in Constructions;

- Excellent English skills, both verbal and written;

- Driving license.

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