Create value to your company - Use continuous improvement as a practice

As you all know, It's All About the Customer - Your company's success is based on your customers.

Is that where your continuous improvement efforts are focused?

For any business, it is customers that drive the success or failure of the enterprise.

That's where the focus of your continuous improvement efforts must be.

Usually, we often get hung up about our products and services and how great they are in relation to our competition, but we forget that customers want a solution to their particular problem, not just a product or service, as ex president of AME Institute said in an article.

Everything looks clear, but...

Continuous quality improvement can accomplish major change; however, it is completely driven by the input of employees, as its effectiveness relies on the team’s dedication to the process, so engagement is crucial.

As Brad Power said in his article posted on the C-Suite Needs to Do for Process Improvement:

“I see three factors that contribute much more than others to the failure of process improvement initiatives.

The first is that organizations naturally tend to optimize within functions and departments, rather than across them. The second is that, without information on the impact of their work on company goals, frontline workers can’t properly contribute to improving them.

The third process improvement killer is this: If top managers issue edicts for improving an operation, they can achieve some short-term payback, but they can’t realize the more substantial benefits that workers can generate if they identify changes themselves.”

This seems hard to overcame, improving customer value continuously is difficult in almost any organization; however, many companies are doing it with great results.

So, how to start?

Save energy and time and discuss with a consultant!

We can assist you with implementing a continuous improvement process within your company, overcoming the obstacles that normally are encountered in this initiative.

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